1971 Four-Door Hardtops

Fairfax, KS Owner
466391X184622 Unknown
466391X190198 Jim C.
466391X195403 Mark S.
Southgate, CA Owner
466391C103666 Unknown
Wilmington, DE Owner
466391Y121665 Unknown
466391Y213134 Norman L.


1971 Two-Door Hardtops (Formal Coupes)

Southgate, CA Owner
466471C100774 Brian L.
Fairfax, KS Owner
466471X105552 Eric B.
466471X119069 Unknown
466471X123218 Unknown
466471X181033 Adam M.
466471X193673 Unknown
Wilmington, DE Owner
466471Y200710 Unknown
466471Y204999 Unknown


1971 Convertibles

Fairfax, KS Owner
466671X112718 Unknown
466671X118764 John W.
466671X122125 Unknown
466671X126845 Unknown
466671X139529 Unknown
466671X143669 Karen W.
466671X145968 Joe D.
466671X158393 Unknown
466671X159487 Rolf S.
466671X160177 Scott C.
466671X173286 Unknown
466671X176972 Doug B.
466671X181966 Unknown
466671X195734 Jean-Luc V.
Wilmington, DE Owner
466671Y141805 Dean C.
466671Y144679 Unknown
466671Y154297 Glenn P.
466671Y157047 Unknown
466671Y163758 Robert P.
466671Y169893 Unknown
466671Y170140 Unknown
466671Y181650 Unknown
466671Y182594 Stefan L.
466671Y197561 Unknown
466671Y203277 Unknown

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1971 Buick Dealer Service Information Bulletins

Subject:  455 Engine Substitution

Models Affected:  1971 Centurions

Approximately 500 Centurions were assembled after July 12, 1971, starting with VIN 466xx1X194963 at the Fairfax Assembly plant with the "TA" coded 455 engine normally used in the performance option (A9) for this model. The "TA" engine is also used with the Riviera GS option.

This bulletin is being issued to alert dealers to this engine variation so that if a Centurion is brought into a dealership for repairs, correct replacement parts may be ordered by referring to the engine code number.


Subject:  Rim Blow Steering Wheels

Models Effected:  ALL

March 11, 1971
Due to low demand, sales code X3, Rim Blow Steering Wheel, is being discontinued. Orders submitted and preferenced specifying Rim Blow Steering wheel on Skylark, GS and Estate Wagon models will be changed to sales code X1, Deluxe Steering Wheel.

1971 Centurion Formal Coupe with Super Deluxe wheel covers and Custom rear body moldings

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