Some background information on this car:

"As I remember it, the Tarheel Blue ’71 was ordered by a doctor as a graduation gift for his son from the University of North Carolina (obviously) but the car did not arrive in time for the graduation and the doctor then refused to take it.  (I believe that I was told that it had been ordered in February.)  It must have then sat around and wound up being sold to a middle aged lady as a year end clearance and by another dealer.  I had quite an interesting correspondence with the seller and he provided lots of info but I don’t think the car ever met his reserve and I think he did not sell it.  Subsequent to that, I think Brian became aware of yet a second Tarheel Blue 71 “C” convert but it was in deplorable condition.  And I think Brian told me that he did not keep any photos of the car.  Did you happen to see it when it was on?  Oh yeah, as nicely loaded as the car is, I did not have ‘remote control mirror’ on the list of options.  Surely it had it but since it was not listed, I didn’t put it down."

Cowl Tag Info:

ST 71-46667Y00696   BDY
TR 465              SPEC-A PNT

ST-71 = 1971 Model Year
4 = Buick Motor Division
66 = Centurion
67 = 2 Door Convertible
Y = Wilmington, DE (General Motors Assembly Division)
00696 = Body Number
TR 465 = Trim code - Ivory Vinyl Notchback Interior
SPEC = Lower body color (Tarheel Blue)
A = Upper body color (White Convertible Top)
04E = Built 5th week of April 1971


4 = Buick Motor Division
66 = Centurion
67 = 2 Door Convertible
1 = 1971 Model Year
Y = Wilmington, DE Assembly Plant
181650 = basic sequential production number (100001 was first built)


Shipped To:

Scott Buick
Charlotte, NC

Sold By:

Alan White Pontiac-Buick
Lexington, NC
October 27-28, 1971

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