I bought the car in the spring of 1996 for $300. It had 1982 registration stickers on it. Was garaged until 1994 by the family of the original owner who past away in 1982. The guy I bought it from is a contractor and acquired the car through a barter job. The car then sat parked on grass outside for almost 2 years UNDER a friggin pine tree!  The body started to rust (no undercoating on the car). A large tree branch fell on the car when the windows were down. The guy lost interest and was doing work at my parents house and saw my GS. One thing led to another I was looking at this car and bought it. Saved from certain destruction on being parted out for parts.



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Cowl Tag Info:

ST  73-4BP67X122702  BDY
TR  446AM6                 PNT

ST 73 = Style 1973
4 = Buick Motor Division
BP = Centurion
67 = 2 Door Convertible Coupe
X = Fairfax KS GMAD (General Motors Assembly Division)
122702 = Body Number
TR 446 = Trim code
60 = Lower body color (Harvest Gold)
A = Upper body color (white convertible top)
02B = Built 2rd week of February, 1973


4 = Buick Motor Division
P = Centurion
67 = 2 Door Convertible
T = 455-4
3 = Model year (1973)
X = Fairfax KS assembly plant
150520 = basic sequential production number (100001 was first built)


Charged To:

Lindsey Hopkins Buick Company
1860 SO Four Lane HY
Marietta, GA 30060
Zone:  18
Dealer:  176

Buick Centurion Registry 2005